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Thank you for taking to time to listen to us speak at the Realizing Genius Homeschool Support Conference. We hope you walked away with a new perspective on what education means. To encourage you to focus less on what your child doesn’t know and more on their educational achievements, we created this printable PDF for you.

The Goal Tracker PDF page is for you to write down the bigger educational goals you want your child to achieve in the near future. This will help you organize your major goals and see them on paper.

The Celebrating Achievements PDF pages are to help you break large goals down into smaller steps which can help you focus more on the progress and less on the goal. These achievements are the small steps along the way to their goal. If your goal in reading is for your child to read a book independently, you could break down that major goal into smaller steps such as: reading a sentence, 2 sentences, a paragraph, a page, a chapter, and finally book. Or if the major goal you’re helping your child reach is to memorize all their multiplication facts, you could write down each set (multiples of 1, multiples of 2, etc.,) or even write down every multiplication fact (1 x 0, 1 x 1, etc.). It’s up to you how you break down the major goals based on how often you want to celebrate an achievement.

When your child achieves one of these smaller steps, you can celebrate with them by placing a sticker, putting a stamp, drawing a smiley face, writing the date, or whatever you choose in the last column. Allow your child help so they can also get into the habit of focusing more on their progress and what they’ve accomplished.

➞ Goal Tracker and Celebrating Achievements printable PDF

We hope you find this printable helpful as you being to shift your focus away from competitive education and toward progressive learning.