Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

In order for everyone to have an enjoyable experience at Forever Homeschooling, we expect members to be kind and respectful and to use the website appropriately. This Code of Conduct highlights some of the rules from our Terms and Conditions for using the website. For specific details, please refer to our Terms and Conditions. If you still have questions, please contact us at

Conduct for general use of Forever Homeschooling:

  1. Account usage:
    1. Parents/Guardians may only create a student account for a person they have legal custody of AND is under the age of 18 years old. If your student reaches the age of 18 years old while they have an account on the website, you must contact us so that we can apply the appropriate restrictions to their account. If you have a person in your household at least 18 years old but would still benefit from our educational courses, you may contact us to request an account for them with the appropriate restrictions.
    2. Parents/Guardians are prohibited from interacting with any student through the website.
    3. Parents/Guardians will keep their Identification Code secret and only disclose it to Forever Homeschooling at our request and for identity confirmation purposes. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.
    4. Each member is prohibited from sharing their account or access to their account with anyone else.
    5. Direct supervision from parents/guardians is required while a student is accessing the website.
  2. Students are encouraged to share, collaborate, encourage each other, and have fun! But there are things to keep in mind when using the website:
    1. Everyone must conduct themselves in a kind, respectable manner. This means we do not tolerate profanity, obscenities, violence, prejudice or discrimination across any and all forms of diversity, bullying, cyber-bulling, harassment, rudeness, or hatefulness in any way. This includes behavior that suggests or alludes to any of these behaviors and non-verbal communications and gestures.
    2. Do not share personally identifying information such as:
      1. Real name or the real name of someone they know personally
      2. Mailing address or physical address
      3. City or street name where they live
      4. Age
      5. Contact information to communicate outside of Forever Homeschooling such as gamer tags, email addresses, phone numbers, usernames or URLs to profiles on other websites, etc.
    3. Do not ask for personally identifying information from other members.
    4. Do not use your legal name or any inappropriate language for your username/display name or anywhere else on the website.
    5. Do not engage in spam-like behavior such as:
      1. Repeatedly submitting the same content over and over
      2. Submitting a single response broken up into a long string of posts or comments
      3. Trolling behavior
      4. Chain letters
    6. Do not share politically biased content.
    7. Do not share religious content intending to convert others.
    8. Do not share any content that is not yours or that you do not have explicit written permission from the owner of that content.
    9. Do not share content you find on Forever Homeschooling elsewhere, including screenshots.
    10. Do not use Forever Homeschooling for any commercial reason without explicit written permission.
    11. Do not engage or attempt to engage in any illegal activities using our website.

Conduct specific to LIVE Video Recording:

LIVE lessons and clubs are a wonderful experience but only if everyone follows the rules.

  1. Parents/Guardians that do not want their students to join LIVE Video Recordings have the sole responsibility to ensure their student does not attend them.
  2. Parents/Guardians that do not want their student to turn their microphone or camera on during LIVE Video Recordings have the sole responsibility to ensure the device their student is using has blocked such permissions and that their student does not alter those permissions.
  3. Students will not turn on their microphone or camera during LIVE Video Recordings without permission from their parent/guardian.
  4. Students with permission from their parents/guardians to turn on their microphone will not unmute unless the educator tells them that they can AND no one in the background is exhibiting inappropriate behavior.
  5. All conversations during LIVE Video Recordings should be on-topic, including conversations in the provided chat box.
  6. Anyone on camera during LIVE Video Recordings, including in the background, must be clothed in such a way that the area from armpit level to mid-thigh area cannot be seen AND must not be engaging in inappropriate behavior.
  7. Students will follow the rules laid out by the educator during LIVE Video Recordings.