About Us

Our Mission

Forever Homeschooling is an online learning and socialization platform which provides homeschooling students with a unique way to learn, connect, and collaborate online. We foster a safe-space for young learners to practice online safety and social media skills before they venture into adulthood. Our goal is to build a community of homeschoolers where students can work together, inspire each other, and cultivate a lifelong commitment to learning.

Our story

Once upon a time, there were two homeschooling families. Between them, they had amassed over 10 years of homeschooling experience and, though their teaching styles varied greatly, they agreed that each child learns at their own pace and in their own way.

When everything was closed down for months and months, millions of people turned to virtual learning. While there was suddenly more ways to learn virtually, they all seemed to lack something. Homeschoolers often have chaotic-good schedules so it’s frustrating when that really interesting course is on Tuesdays but that’s errand-running day. Free courses are mostly sit-and-watch webinars and interactive courses typically cost money. Budgeting for more than one paid course per month is not always an option. Courses that offered recorded playbacks were often only available for a limited amount of time.

These two homeschooling moms got together and brainstormed ways to fill these voids. It needed to be affordable for large families and lessons should always be available to accommodate schedules. The content should be flexible enough for families to integrate into how they already homeschool and there needed to be an interactive element. Most importantly, it had to be safe for kids. Looking at their own children, they wondered how learning online etiquette could be included and decided a moderated social website would be perfect.

After months of hard work, endless research, and too many late-nights, Forever Homeschooling graduated from a mere idea into a fully-fledged company.

Meet the team

image of Mrs. Rebekah

Mrs. Rebekah

Mrs. Rebekah is extravagant, funny, quirky, compassionate, and lives her life to the fullest. She has 3 children who love to live life on the edge and keep her on her toes from sunup to sundown.

She has been homeschooling since 2014 and her style of homeschooling is Hodgepodge Homeschooling! Some days her style of homeschooling is Eclectic, to Unschooling, to Traditional, or Montessori. Her teaching style is very much the same way. She is a big believer in education should meet a child where they are and not the other way around as all children learn differently.

Mrs. Rebekah loves books, plants, art, nature, fishing, camping, singing, animals, and most importantly she is a big believer in loving others right where they are. Her philosophy in life is: At Least One a Day: get at least one thing marked off your To-Do-List a day, tell at least one person you love them a day, smell the roses at least once every day, etc.

image of Mrs. S

Mrs. S

Mrs. S, our website manager, has been homeschooling her two meeples since 2016. Her oldest is a bookworm with a huge imagination and her youngest loves numbers and cuddles.

She believes board games and card games are amazing tools for introducing, teaching, and practicing skills and content. Her children are more likely to be found playing games than doing worksheets. Life experiences are also a huge part of their homeschooling. Going to the doctor, dealing with regular household maintenance, and even ordering food are teachable moments for necessary life skills.

Board games, family movie nights, listening to music, and puzzles of any kind are favorite hobbies for Mrs. S. She also enjoys reading, research, and superheroes. Her goal in life is to be the lead dragon trainer of Berk.