10 Reasons to Homeschool

10 Reasons to Homeschool

If you have reservations about homeschooling, you’re not alone! It can be scary to take on the responsibility of managing your child’s education. To help ease your mind, let’s talk about 10 amazing benefits homeschooling can provide your family.

1. Academic flexibility

Homeschooling provides the opportunity for education to be tailored to the needs and interests of each child individually. This can be especially beneficial for children who find learning to be extra challenging as well as children who need more of a challenge.

2. Freedom of pace

When you homeschool, you can tailor the learning pace to meet your child where they are and help them progress as they can. You are able to slow down, take a break, or speed up however your child needs for each area of their learning. This allows your child to focus on learning without feeling stressed out or getting bored.

3. Real-life experiences

You’ll be able to incorporate more life skills into your education plan. Your child will go to the grocery store, post office, and bank often enough to become well versed in common real-world responsibilities. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to show them how to manage finances at the store, deal with unexpected home repairs, book appointments, and so much more just by living life. And if you want to dedicate time each week to a finance course or working on an engine, you can!

4. Bonding time

Homeschooling provides a special opportunity to bond with your child and engage in their life as they grow up. They’ll have unlimited access to your shoulder when they’re sad, your ear when they’re frustrated, and your high-fives when they’re excited.

5. Socialization

Some people like to think homeschoolers don’t socialize. In reality, there are a plethora of opportunities to socialize. You can meet up with other families through playdates, co-ops, field trips, sports, acting groups, clubs, parks, and other events and activities. This allows your child to interact with people of all ages and develop social skills reaching beyond kids their own age.

6. Safety and mental health

The world can be scary. Homeschooling removes some of the potential safety concerns simply by having a reasonable adult-to-child ratio at all times. Also, mental health can take precedence without asking someone else for permission. If you happen to be in a place where someone is acting undesirable (bullying, peer pressure, etc.), you can intervene and/or leave and your child doesn’t have to come back to deal with it again if you don’t want them to.

7. Efficient learning

You don’t have to do busywork! You can move on to the next skill whenever your child is ready.

8. Meaningful and engaging learning

Your child can learn about what they are interested in. There are an abundance of online resources to help homeschooling parents incorporate any interest their child might have and make it work for every academic subject. Or you can let that interest be an extracurricular subject. It’s totally up to you!

9. Wide range of elective course options

Homeschoolers can choose to include elective courses which might not have been possible otherwise. Your child could study debate, coding, farming, business, wilderness survival, beekeeping, cosmetology, or even horology (clock-making)! The possibilities are endless.

10. Plenty of time for extracurricular activities

Just like elective courses, there are a ton of extracurricular activities to choose from. Your kid can join a sports team, 4H, or a club. They could spend time playing board games, cooking, designing costumes, working with robotics, woodworking, blacksmithing, rock climbing, etc., either with friends or independently.

There are so many more advantages that come with homeschooling. Some of them just happen naturally (bonding and real-life experiences), while others take intentional effort (finding groups and clubs to join). In the end, all the effort is totally worth it!

If you’re ready to join the homeschool community, we encourage you to check out your state laws and ensure you maintain a legal homeschool in your state. We’ve created a list of state links to the Department of Education’s website to make it easy for you to find your state laws.

Once you understand your state’s homeschool laws, we would love to have you join the Forever Homeschooling community and allow us to take some of the lesson prep and teaching time off your plate. We are a homeschool resource providing online courses both LIVE and on replay. Lessons include additional resources which we hand select so your child can continue learning in the areas they find interesting. We also have LIVE social clubs and a fully moderated social website which helps teach safe online practices. You’ll have complete control over how your family uses our courses and can ask the educator directly if you have any questions.

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Lastly, we leave you with a quote from Mrs. Rebekah, one of our educators: “Breathe. You got this.”